Brighton Pride!!!

Okay so today was just ridiculously awesome! After days of excitement, I finally went to my first pride! But not only that, I actually walked with the parade holding a stick with a board (I really don’t remember what it is called). The purpose of these boards where (sorry if I used the wrong one) to raise awareness and remind people that there is extreme homophobia in other countries, which I thought was a brilliant idea! We walked from The Brighton Pier to Preston park, where there where (sorry) several stalls, rides and singers. The walk took about 3 hours and was just one hell of an atmosphere to be soaked up. As I held up my placard (I think thats what they’re called) spectators where cheering us on, as well as the other floats and parade members. It was really beautiful just seeing the way people reacted to this, from cheers of support to tears of sympathy. The whole event was an all rounder and it just made me awfully proud to be a part of a large, diverse and supportive community. Everywhere I looked was a sight to behold!

Whilst I was enjoying hours of singing and dancing with strangers, taking pictures with amazing people, I was distracted from my emotions and once I got home they really caught up with me!!

For the first time ever I cried happy-tears!! I’d never felt so happy…ever. Attending Pride just gave me so much hope for myself and all the unfortunate beautiful people out there! It made me realise that although I was going through a rough patch, I still had a lot more waiting for me! After all I am only 18, its not like its the end of my journey! I sat down on my sofa crying and texting friends telling them I was so happy and overwhelmed by the excitement of today!

I guess I really did soak up the atmosphere!!

I have no knowledge of legal rights, so I’m just going to say that this is not my image! It was taken by Chris Jepson, you can follow him on twitter @ChrisJepson


Also, I would love it if you checked out my video on my Youtube Channel. I currently don’t have the correct equipment to regurlarly post videos. But with you’re help to get me more recognized and allow me to raise awareness on a wider platform, I soon may be able to! Below is the link. Enjoy!

Youtube link: Link to video:

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Don’t Devalue People’s Emotions…

Well hello guys, I am finally back and very happy to be!! Anyways lets continue to the point of this blog post ūüėČ

Okay, so I’m not sure how to start this, so I’ll start it like this. People who devalue and not respect people’s emotion, regardless of how “pathetic” or trivial it is, are so annoying! They need to understand that however the person is feeling its an emotion! If someone tells them that they feel a certain emotion, don’t put them down because of it! It’s really damaging!

I don’t have much to say for this, but I’m pretty sure it psychologically damages someone, if they’re emotions are devalued. I’m going to try and research this some more.

But in the mean time, I’ll catch you guys later


Also, I’ve recently made a youtube video, explaining my coming out story and what people can do to make sure they are safe, if ostricized by their family. I would love it if you took some time out to watch it, its only 5 minutes long. Also, I’m new at this, so it would be helpful if you requested videos. Just ask below!

Link to video:

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Well I’m back!!

So, I have found a new device which enables me to easily access wordpress on the go!! Yaaaas!!

Not only this, but I can also record videos….and guess what I finally have. Its not the best, I warn you. But it is a good start. It just basically explains everything.

Here is the link:

Please request things and ask me questions. I’m not very good at elaborating, without being prompted…

I know, novicceee!!

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Easier To Just Hate Me

Life would’ve been easier to cope with if my parents had no feelings at all. Just psychopathic humans. It’s difficult in my situation. Knowing that my parents will never come to terms with my sexuality and then knowing they still love me. Knowing that their kind of love is “Tough love”. Knowing that anything I say could¬†cause an uproar in the community, knowing that I am responsible for the emotions¬†of my whole family, knowing that I¬†am¬†so close to turning my¬†home into a broken home. It’s just hard.¬†I hate that! Just knowing that I am hurting my parents for being who I am! Knowing that everything that is going on, I can still be happy. I have had low moments a couple of times, but thats acceptable. I just know that in 20 years time I’ll look back an say;

“Well that wasn’t so bad was it!”

And I really do hope I say that with my parents.

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Okay still alive.

Okay, I am still here, There is a lot going on at the moment. I’m about to move to a flat on my own and I have like shitloads of coursework. Like I said I will be doing a video, I just really don’t know when now.

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Well, I haven’t posted for like 2 months! A lot has happened. But….not gonna tell you! HA! I’m gonna be making a video, I’ll probably plan during the holidays. But I have too much to do…you know, A LEVELS! I fucking hate school. Anyways


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Something I’ve lately noticed with my family, objectification of women. They do it and it’s so bad. It’s a common practice and it sucks! They where saying to me that before I know it, there will be plenty of woman and I could CHOOSE who I WANTED. It so sad that people still engross themselves in patriarchal values in a society that encourages equality. Explaining this to my family would be hell! It makes me sad that my families community cannot find a way to move on together and create a better example for other similar communities around the world. To show that, objectifying woman isn’t the right thing, psychologically bullying people into being someone they’re not is awful and to encourage that men have the upper hand of the so-called “relationship”. It scares me to know that young girls out there are being forced or brutally persuaded into arrange marriages. I would hate to be a girl in my parents community, because freedom would feel like ¬†an element from a parallel universe.¬†

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